How It Works

This plan has been crafted to be your go-to resource in building your healthiest, sexiest self pre-wedding and to set you up for healthy habits going into marriage. It will help you lose weight and feel your best during an exciting and crazy time. It is a shift in lifestyle, and one that I hope you will take with you as you start this next phase of your life.


The Shed for the Wed Nutrition Plan has 3 components:

The Cookbook 

The recipes in the Shed for the Wed Cookbook were created with three main goals in mind:

  • Anti inflammatory
  • Low glycemic load
  • Nutritarian (aka phytonutrient dense)

This killer combination is essentially, what gives this program life! It makes you live your best life. It is what creates a healthy, maintainable lifestyle. 

The Handbook

The Shed for the Wed Program Handbook gives you the dos and don’ts of the program. It helps you set your vision and goals, provides nutrition education, guide for eating out and more!





The Meal Plans

The 8 weeks of Shed for the Wed Meal Plans are the suggested sequence of meals for the 8 week duration of the program. You do not need to follow them 100%, but they are guidelines to simplify the process.  They come filled out and blank so you can fill out what works for your life!




The three components come together to create a simplified process, to just live well and create ease around feeling your best for the big day. When you follow the Shed plan, you will feel amazing. It is incredible what small changes can do to make you thrive! And the best part? You get to pick how much support you need!