What does SHED stand for? 

Soulful Healthy Eating Decisions. This program is about looking and feeling your best, and doing it the right way. No extreme dieting, no juice cleanses, just good, clean nutrition. Read more about the SHED manifesto here!

When should I plan to SHED before my wedding? 

I think the best time to get started is right after the excitement from your engagement settles down. Engagement festivities are over, now time to get your habits right. Doing SHED gives you the energy you need to tackle it all! That being said, you can start SHED up to 8 weeks before your wedding (which is how long the program is!). 

How did you get started coaching brides? 

I started coaching in 2014, when I was in the midst of planning my own wedding. My experience for my own wedding is what shaped my desire to help other brides look and feel their absolute best on their "best day ever"! 

Is the plan keto, paleo, gluten-free, or vegetarian? 

Short answer, no. However, there are components of all three throughout. The second month of the program is gluten-free. It's probably closest to Whole 30 or F-factor diets. It is not vegetarian, but I am happy to provide substitutions to make it vegetarian or GF approved.

Do I have to be a bride to do the program? 

Absolutely not! Anyone can do the program! Bridal parties and mothers of the bride and groom often like to participate. Bride or not, I encourage you to find a buddy to do the program with - added accountability is awesome and there is strength in numbers! 

I don't know how to cook, can I still do this program?

My goal is to help you to get you more comfortable in the kitchen! It may be challenging at first, but none of the recipes are expert level. They are made to be simple and to help you grow, setting you up for a healthy lifestyle for life!

I travel a lot, will this program work for me? 

I've had several high travel brides do the program successfully. It will be more challenging if you are traveling, but if you follow the program guidelines you should be fine. There is also an eating out guide included, which really helps when you are on the road!

Does the plan have a fitness routine? 

No. I'm going to let you in on a little secret- you don't have to work out before your wedding to look amazing! I encourage you to exercise in a way you find enjoyable because it is good for your mind and body- but no 6 days a week at the gym on this plan! In the Gold and Platinum plans I coach you around your fitness goals. If you would like to learn more about my thoughts on fitness have a read of this post 

How much does the plan cost?

See here!

Can I pay in installments?

Not at this time.

Will the meal plans leave me full?

Girl, I am not about hungry life. Hanger is a real problem. You should feel full on the plans. Every person is different, but if you aren't satisfied 20 minutes after eating, please eat more! 

Are there any other costs incurred? Do the recipes include expensive ingredients?

There are certain ingredients or tools you may not have in your cabinet yet, but no one item will be too pricey. There are suggested supplements, but they are optional. The recipes vary in ingredients, and some meals may cost more than others. You can always repeat other recipes in it's place. 

Can I drink on the plan? I have a few wedding related events that are "social" in nature.

Yes! You can drink! Month one you are permitted 3 drinks a week. You are also permitted 6 cheat days on the program- you can always opt to use them for wedding events or however you please! For more thoughts on surviving wedding events, check this post out. 

Is there a community I can talk to and share with while I'm going through the SHED program?

Yes! There is a Shed for the Wed Facebook group you can join just for #shedders! Also be sure to use the #shedforthewed to see other shedders on Instagram!

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Every person is different, and what is normal for one person will not be the same for the rest. The answer will be very different depending on your current weight and eating habits. I would check out our bride tribe to see some of the inspiring brides' stories!

Are there cheat days? I think I'll go crazy if I don't have pizza at least once!

Yes! There are 6 cheat days in the program! Studies have shown that cheat days actually do not hinder your progress, so indulge in that pizza guilt free!


Still have questions? Send a message and we will get back to you soon!

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