I drank Apple Cider Vinegar for 6 days. Here's what I learned.

I realized I was hyping apple cider vinegar (ACV) in my Instagram stories last week - but I never actually gave you any good info on why you should take it! To catch you up to speed, I took 1 tbsp of ACV in 6-8oz of water for 5 days and I had a fancy ACV morning shot (with ginger, stabilized oxygen, gingseng, raw honey, and Ceylon cinnamon) from my local juicery for a 6th day. Some people like to shoot it - but that can burn your insides and damage your teeth (for more info on teeth, see case in point below). 

Here are just a few of the benefits from drinking ACV: 

  1. Great for gut health by adding good bacteria (just like your fave kombucha!)
  2. Boosted immunity (mostly from great gut health)
  3. Detoxifies your liver (great for Monday mornings... :)) 
  4. Lower blood sugar and blood pressure
  5. Can be great for weight loss by helping curb cravings

What I noticed after 6 days of ACV: 

  • I felt way less bloated - and I just felt lighter! I didn't weigh myself, but I felt good! 
  • I did feel like I had more energy throughout the day
  • I did get slightly sick, so I'm not sure if increased immunity had time to kick in yet
  • I noticed that I felt increased sensitivity in my teeth- even with using a straw! In all fairness, I didn't use a straw every day though.
  • I am already pretty regular (sorry if TMI), so no change in gut status. 

There are so many more great health perks from ACV- I for sure would recommend adding it into your wellness regimen. That being said, it is not going to be an every day thing for me. Every other day, or a few times a week sounds like a good balance for my own life. What do you guys think? Will you be giving ACV a try?  

For more great info on ACV check out this great resource. 

In other news- I am getting ready to relaunch the website with a whole new look and with services included! I'm very excited to finally be able to bring you in to my Shed for the Wed universe. It's been a long time a comin'! 

Have a great week, babes!