Mini Guide to London

I love London: good eats, sweat, and all the culture – what's not to love?! After my trip there last month I decided to share some of my best finds (and TBH it's really what others recommended to me first). Just to be clear, this is by no means a comprehensive list, but just some highlights that I wanted to share. All of the places listed are linked (mostly in title).  I hope this round up helps you have a "well" (like wellness? get it?) rounded visit! (Side note: I wrote this mostly in the most oppressive layover at Heathrow ever. Seems fitting no?!)

Shoreditch Specific

Ace Hotel London birthday champagne and brownie surprise

Shoreditch is in East London, and is known to be an eclectic and diverse neighborhood. Incredible street art. Amazing coffeeshops. It felt like the perfect place to be. 

We stayed at the Ace Hotel, and could not speak more highly of the experience. It's a very cool place. Live music almost every night, awesome lobby designed for getting work done. Minimalist and hip, it felt very in tune with the East London neighborhood it resides in. Besides that, the hotel found out it was my birthday and sent champagne and brownies - they know a way to a girl's heart. 

East London Juice Co

Attached to the Ace Hotel, this is a completely women-owned and operated juice and crystal shop. My own Mecca. The ladies who work here are super knowledgable about their adaptogens AND crystals. I loved chatting with them. It's also externally attached to the Ace, so very convenient if you are staying there or in the neighborhood. 

Chocolate Adaptogen Mylkshake

Chocolate Adaptogen Mylkshake

East London Juice Co. menu and crystals

East London Juice Co. menu and crystals

Hoi Polloi

This is one of the restaurants inside of the Ace. I worked from here a couple days, great ambiance. On Sunday, my husband and I did their afternoon tea. There was live jazz that really set the tone. It was amazing. If nothing else, go for the perfect buttery scones. #treatyoself

GF, Vegan Avo Toast at Redemption. 

GF, Vegan Avo Toast at Redemption. 


This spot is LEGIT. Vegan. Gluten free. AVOCADO THAT GOES ON FOR DAYS. I sat there by myself and ATE ALL OF THAT TOAST. ALL. OF. IT. A good spot to eat and read a book (I did!).  All of the good vibes. 


I had 3 independent friends recommend this place and it did not disappoint. Seriously, the best Indian food ever. Taste bud explosions on repeat. Everything was fabulous. My photos didn't do it justice (thus not featured). Click the link (title) to see the Bombay aesthetic. 


Peruvian tapas. Yep you heard that right. Another restaurant that makes your taste buds go BOOM. There wasn't one thing we tried that was mediocre. It's a small place, but packed with charm. 

Triyoga - they also have juices and wifi! Another great spot to post up to get some work done post flow! 

Triyoga - they also have juices and wifi! Another great spot to post up to get some work done post flow! 


If you were watching my instagram stories, you learned that I may or may not have died during the Level 2 yoga class I took at Triyoga. It was a very challenging class. It seemed like everyone in the class was a regular, but they were very welcoming. Especially when I requested to be close to the wall once I learned there would be a lot of inversion work. The studio was pristine. They also do massages and pilates! So much to love! 

Spitalfields Market

The Spitalfield Markets are a cool indoor/outdoor year round market. From jewelry, to plants, to baby clothing, you can find it all there! Oh and not to mention some incredible smelling food vendors- we unforch did not have an opportunity to try them though! 

We went on a Sunday, but they are open 7 days a week. I believe the vendors vary. 

Brick Lane Vintage Markets

Brick Lane Vintage Markets Eats

Just a quick walk from the Spitalfields Market are the Brick Lane Markets (only on Sundays). Amazing vintage finds, handmade unique items, and MORE FOOD! (again that I didn't eat - I wasn't prepared!!) I didn't get any worthy pics of the vintage section because it was crazy crowded. But if you are into unique vintage finds, it's def worth checking out. 

Also of note, apparently up the road from there is a Sunday flower market. We really wanted to go, but we just got a little too cold. I hear its awesome if you are visiting in better weather. 



Around Town (Not Shoreditch)


Victoria & Albert Museum

As you can see from the photo below, it's worth a stop just to eat at the cafe. Some truly incredible exhibits, and just gorgeously curated. 

Victoria and Albert Museum V&A Museum Cafe

British Museum

Can you say Egypt? I would come back to this museum alone just for their Ancient Egyptian collection. I took the picture below, and right behind me was the ACTUAL Rosetta Stone. I almost missed it. This place is a must see if you are at all interested in history.  

British Museum Egypt Exhibit


Other key attractions

St. Paul's -  Westminster Abbey's less popular sister. This place is STUNNING! If you aren't going to services it does cost to tour, but totally worth it. Also, trivia fact, Princess Diana and Charles tied the knot here (instead of the Abbey) because it could hold more guests! It's one of the 2 places the royal family can get married. 

St. Paul's Cathedral London


Food and Drink

Coppa Club Igloos

We are full on in spring mode now, so not sure how long the igloos will be around, but they were an amazing place for Saturday "brunch" when we were in town. The food was great- I mean can you see that pizza?! And the view of the Thames and Tower Bridge was even better. 

Coppa Club Igloos London Rose
Coppa Club Pizza with Egg

Duck and Waffle

Speaking of views, Duck and Waffle has some of the best views in the city. And they had duck and waffle, which basically is an elevated chicken and waffles. It was to die for. My pics are dark didn't do it justice, so I didn't provide them. But it is definitely a perfect spot for a boujie night out. 

Other notable mentions: 

  • Hyde Park
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Walk around the neighborhoods of Notting Hill, Covent Gardens, and Marylebone
  • Natural History Museum 
  • The Tate and Tate Modern
  • All things Harry Potter (Platform 9 3/4, Studio tour, Cursed Child, etc)

Cheers, mates! -AHS

Yoga Teacher Training and Upcoming Travel

A very zen koi pond at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. 

A very zen koi pond at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. 

Hello my friends! A personal post coming atcha today. :)

A peek at my first homework assignments. 

A peek at my first homework assignments. 

As many of you may know, my preferred form of exercise is yoga (for more of my thoughts on fitness read here). My first experience with yoga was in my second semester of my freshman year at Indiana University (Go Hoos!). I enrolled in yoga as an elective, thinking it would be fun to try. It changed the way I felt about exercise, and opened me to the mind-body connection. I hadn’t been an athlete in high school, so moving my body wasn’t something I had realized could affect my body AND mind for the better. I fell in love with the movement, and how yoga made me feel. 

Sometimes I am more into the physicality of the practice, other times for the mental peace and clarity that comes from the focus on the mat. Through my practice I have cultivated a deeper sense of mindfulness that has led to a career changes and other shifts on my journey. 

The Yoga Barn in Bali (2012)

The Yoga Barn in Bali (2012)

All that being said, I have decided to pursue yoga teacher training this spring. I have been contemplating teacher training for at least 5 years at this point, so it is time! I am hoping to deepen my own practice, and also bring my new knowledge to create some Zen for the Wed in your lives!  

I haven't decided how much yogi stuff to share with you guys, but would love to hear if you are interested in my learnings, asanas (poses), guided flows or meditations or anything else related to teacher training. 

Doing TT locally (not somewhere warm!!), just thought this pic captured my excitement and vibe at this moment. Xx

Doing TT locally (not somewhere warm!!), just thought this pic captured my excitement and vibe at this moment. Xx

On a related note: one of my long term goals is to practice yoga on every continent. So far I have practiced in (North America - duh), Australia/ Oceania, Africa, and Asia! Europe is up this month. I will be traveling to London this month for a week celebrating my birthday! I would love your recos - particularly for some healthy eats and yoga studios. 

Today is my first day of teacher training, so please send some good vibes my way! 

Namaste :) 


Shedding for the wedding: what's the deal with exercise?


So you've found my biz. It's called Shed for the Wed. For a lot of folk it brings up horrid ideas of living on the elliptical and drinking your meals for months before your wedding. 

I hope if you have read anything on my website at all, you have figured out I am NOT about that life. 

You know that the way we operate here is about making soulful, healthy, eating decisions – and that is what is going to make you feel your best on your big day and EVERY day (if we are being honest here). But the truth is – it could just be "SHD" – soulful, healthy decisions. That is the big picture. In terms of your waistline, yes, eating is the number one priority. But in terms of who you are and living your best life, SHD is the ticket. 

So where does that leave us re: exercise? I'm sure you all know the girl who spent her life at the gym before her wedding. That is one approach that works for some. In my humble opinion, I find that few can sustain that level of vigor, and then after the wedding the weight comes back (and sometimes more) [This also applies to extreme cleansing. NOT about it].

Moving your body shouldn't be just about trying to lose weight. It should be about what makes you feel like a #bossb**ch (someone cue the Cardi B or Lizzo or both)! But I'm going to tell you a secret—before my wedding, I think I exercised twice in the entire 10 months leading up to it. I felt amazing on my wedding day and it was just good, clean, eating. Yes, this works too, but that being said- I would not advocate you follow that approach either! It was not good for my mind or body to not exercise during that time. It's all about SHD- and I would've been much more zen during my wedding process if I had been moving my body more. 

I really found myself loving fitness AFTER the wedding. I started experimenting while I was working at Lululemon (#joblove) and I learned so much about myself and how I like to get my sweat on. 

I know that I still am in love with yoga 12 years later my first class. That HIIT is what it takes to push my body past a plateau. I know that with pilates my body can do things I didn't think were possible to my abs. I also know I need lots of hands on adjustments because of all my hyperextended joints. I know that SoulCycle is my JAM and I feel like I can do anything if I can ride on beat (#rhythmchallenged). I know I hate spinning (or any class) with a leaderboard. I know I like going to Orange Theory because they monitor my heart rate so I can compete with myself (and it's right next to my house – easy = good!). I know that a good long run can do wonders for my mind. I know that even though I love getting my sweat on – it is still a mental challenge for me to make it out the door. 

That being said, that is all my own journey, and only you can figure out what is your jam. I can't give you a magic formula that will be the answer to all of your exercise needs. I wish I could, but unforch not how it works. Every person's body is different and will have different needs. I've compiled a list of questions for you to ask yourself to find your own fitness groove:

  • What is your current level of fitness? 
  • How active are you? Daily, weekly? 
  • What are your goals for your activity? What is the why behind them? 
  • What exercise makes you feel good? During or after? 
  • Have you found something that makes you feel good and strong in your body? If so, what is it? If not, what have you tried? What are you interested in trying next?
  • Do you prefer outdoor activities or classes? 
  • Does one activity give you more joy than others? 
  • Do you feel better with cardio or slower strength? 
  • What is it going to take for your to add movement to your life? 

If you want more direction re: your fitness goals – schedule a FREE consultation with me below. I'm happy to chat to figure out a sweat sched that gets you excited to sweat and is sustainable for you! 

What's your favorite way to sweat? Let me know in the comments below or on insta! Have a lovely day, babes! xx