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New Year, New Intentions

New Year Goal Setting

It's that time of year again! We are all feeling the post-holiday blues/ bloat. I don't know about you guys, but I love the feeling of a fresh new start and I am feeling pumped about 2018! I actually subscribe to the belief that you can set goals at any time (so feel free to come back to this page later if you aren't quite in the mood yet!). That being said, the new year always feels like a great time to reflect and hone in on what you want to achieve over the next year. Also, any new brides out there? This is the time to reflect on how you want to feel in your engagement "season". 

I am going to walk you through my intention/ goal-setting method. There are so many variations out there, and I use a bit of a hybrid. 

The biggest question that gets overlooked with New Years resolutions is "why?". Why do you you want to accomplish stated goal or resolution. If you aren't connected with your why you aren't going to reach that goal, and if you do- you probably won't feel satisfied by it! Connect with your why

One answer to the "why" question is answered by author and influencer, Danielle Laporte. This lady knows where it is AT when it comes to goals. I highly recommend her book, The Desire Map. She has figured out that it is not just about what you are achieving, but really, how you want to feel when you accomplish the goal, and throughout the process. Feelings are often the "why." She encourages you to come up with your core desired feelings. I reflect on them and adjust every year. Pick no more than 5, it can be really challenging to focus if you have more than 5. They should be high vibe. Take some time,  sit with them. Make sure they feel right!

My 2018 core desired feelings are written in the back of my planner! 

My 2018 core desired feelings are written in the back of my planner! 

My five for the year are: 

  1. Thrive 
  2. Disciplined 
  3. Glow 
  4. Heart-centered
  5. Nourished

A theme I've observed over the past few years is that I crave "connection." I need my humans! But this year, instead of using that word - I decided this year that "heart-centered" is more relevant and will bring me connection. My point being, it is okay to change things up! These words should light you up and feel excited!

Once you feel good about your 5 core desired feelings, then we can talk goals and intentions. 

At the beginning of the year I like to focus on my 'intentions" versus "goals." What's the difference? Well I think of intentions as where I want to spend my energy. It is a judgement free zone. Goals are more specific. You either accomplish them or you don't. I like to make goals SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Lastly, I don't use the term "resolutions" because it implies that something needs to be "resolved" as if you weren't fine as you were last year! Poo poo. 

Here is an example: 

  • An intention for this year for me is to "feel good in my body". This ties back to the core desired feelings of the year of: thrive, disciplined, glow, and nourished. 
  • A SMART goal under that intention could be "practice yoga 5 days a week through the end of March."

By accomplishing my goal of practicing yoga 5 days a week through the end of March I should "feel good in my body" and subsequently help me to feel thriving, glowy, disciplined and nourished. Make sense? 

I choose specific areas of my life that I want to set intentions for. Each segment has an intention that links back to my core desired feelings of the year. This year I chose health, career, family, community, spirituality, and travel. What are the important pillars in your life you want to set intentions for? Other options could be, but aren't limited to,  "relationships," "personal," or "home".  

Each month I try to set SMART goals that link back to the intention. For me, just having the intentions written out really helps me focus in my daily life. I rebel sometimes against goals- they feel too forced. BUT sometimes I need more specific goals to accomplish bigger things though. Deadlines are important!

We are human. There is no perfect solution. This is my own method that works for me. Everyone is different. The way our brains work can vary so much. Know yourself. Don't push against your own nature. You are brilliant as you are. Lean into your personality, and it will make it so much easier. Maybe you know that you won't accomplish anything unless you have concrete goals written out. If you know that - you better get those goals written out! Maybe you know you rebel against goals - better to focus on your intentions and desired feelings.

Also to note: this should actually take you time. If you figure out your goals in 30 minutes, you probably have not connected well with your why. (Alternatively, you did all this leg work already and feel very connected to your why! And then you are prepared. :)) You don't have to have everything figured out immediately. Enjoy the process. Take some time, drink some tea, cozy up, and do some soul digging! 

You are the captain of your own ship- you get to steer where you want to go! Isn't that incredible? Goals and intentions light me up, because I just love helping people get stoked about their lives, and that is what it is all about! 

To wrap this up: where are you going to spend your energy this year? What are you going to accomplish? Or not? Sometimes, "just be" is the answer. 

If you have any questions about my process or would like help with your own goals, shoot me an email ( or leave a comment below! This ish brings me so much joy, I would love to hear from you beauties!

Cheers to new beginnings!