Shed for the Preg: OVERDUE (and some baby shower pics!)

Hello there friends. Reporting to you 3 days past my due date, and no sign of baby Shea yet!

It has been a while since I have posted on the blog, and that’s for a few reasons. Mostly, it’s because of the way I have been feeling. It has been really difficult for me to engage with wedding related content right now, as it just hasn’t pertained to my life in the same way. As I’ve mentioned in previous “shed for the preg” posts- this pregnancy has been most challenging in my head versus in my body. I was talking to my cousin a couple weeks ago about the dissonance I felt from SHED, work, and social media on the whole and she gifted me with some clarity. She simply replied, “I would be surprised if you didn’t feel that way. Everything in your life is about to change, you need to create distance from these things to make room for what’s to come.” It was so simple, and yet so clear. As my priorities shift, so will my head.

So that being said, I do apologize for dropping off so fully and without explanation! I will be gone for a bit again as I sort out my new mommy priorities and we figure out how we function as a new family of three.

I did want to write this post though to share some of the beautiful moments of the past few months. Baby Shea has been showered with soooo much love!! And two of his aunties came for surprise visits! <3 <3 We are so overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the generosity, love, and support. I’ve shared some highlights from his special days below.

Besides that, the nursery did come together quite beautifully, and I will share some photos of it soon! Mostly, the past month or so has just been survival mode. Third trimester in the summer is no laughing matter- especially when the “real feel” temperature is over 108 degrees! I have had very little interest in cooking. Just snacking. At the bottom of the post I’ve shared my recent symptoms and cravings.

Bags are packed, everything is ready to go, we are just waiting on the little man! We’ve tried spicy foods, walking endlessly, pineapple, and more spicy foods. Getting desperate to meet the little guy! In the meantime, send me all the good labor vibes!

Thanks as always for following along the journey! -AHS


These are numerous but for the sake of not being a whiner I will try to be brief. Some notable challenges are:

  • Putting on my underwear and or shoes. Leaning over is painful!!

  • The top of my ribs are perpetually sore from being kicked from the inside out

  • Acid reflux at all hours

  • Contractions that feel like menstrual cramps but never seem to lead to labor

  • Exhaustion

  • Brain fog (understatement of the century)

  • Soooo hot, all of the time. Our condo has become an icebox.


  • All of the citrus. I am drinking more lemonade than anyone should. I’ve been diluting it or creating my own Italian lemonade with lots of crushed ice! I’m insatiable.

  • Ice cream. All of it.

  • Watermelon.

  • Toaster waffles.

  • Pickles.

I’m a living pregnancy stereotype, I know.

Shed for the Preg (Announcement!) and Thoughts on the First Trimester


You may have noticed I’ve been a little different in my posting over the last few months. Well, that’s because, surprise surprise, we are pregnant! I’ve been dying to share all of this with you all!! We are so beyond excited and can’t wait to meet our little bebe!

Things have changed a lot in my world over the past few months. I thought that I was going to be awesome at pregnancy. I was going to be so active, eat so well–I was going to nail it. Well, things don’t always work out as planned. Pregnancy is hard AF yo. And it has taken a toll on me: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Let me reiterate that we are absolutely thrilled. That first moment when we saw our baby on the ultrasound was absolutely incredible. Pregnancy really is an incredible experience so please don’t take any of this as complaining. I just want to be 100% real with you about my experience. I think that people make everything look so picture perfect in our social media driven world, and I feel a responsibility to share more of the gritty sides of life. Also, everyone’s pregnancy is different, what follows is my particular experience.

What have I been eating?

So yeah, the first trimester. Verrrrrry interesting. To sum it up in two points:

  1. Nausea: luckily for me, no vomiting here, but definitely extreme nausea set off my food smells most of the time. Horrible.

  2. Food aversions: pretty much every healthy food I rejected. Kale, spinach, squash (my one true love!), sweet potatoes, quinoa, EGGS(!), CHICKEN (omg still makes me wanna 🤢), all of these things have been on my 100% do not eat list.

All I’ve wanted is carbs (hello toaster waffles for breakfast) and cheese (but sometimes cheese is still not ok lol). Cravings: Frank’s hot sauce, pickles and pickle juice, bloody marys (virgin, obvi), citrus fruits, miso soup, sushi, and orange juice. Basically all of the acid.

Well, as I mentioned, I thought I was going to be one of those super healthy pregnancy people (obviously!). Well shocking myself, I have literally have eaten the opposite of my usual routine. I’ve eaten many boxes of Annie’s mac and cheese, pasta of all varieties, toast, peanut butter and jelly. The smell of food preparation of any kind has grossed me out, so I have really been absent from the kitchen. One day tortellini (bread and cheese which are typically in the clear!) sounded gross, so I had gelato for dinner. Yeah, health life fail.

However in weeks 12-14 I’ve really started to feel more like myself, and my tolerance for healthy foods has gone up! I’d even dare to say I’ve started to crave some healthy food! I’ve been eating lots of eggs, and a lot more veggies. Mediterranean and Asian foods have been the best. I have been loving nutrient-packed tabbouli, fresh hummus, and falafel. Miso soup, and California rolls have also really been hitting the spot. You may have seen I started drinking celery juice- I think it’s my body’s way of making up for lost greens. Since I’m feeling better, and subsequently, eating better- I will share my preggo eats with you as time goes on.

physical symptoms?

I have been extremely tired, and my brain hasn’t felt like it was working properly. I’ve been taking naps (and typically, I physically cannot nap).

Because of the sheer exhaustion, I haven’t been working out which I think has only made the fatigue worse. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been slowly adding in some low impact exercises at home and some light weight lifting. This week I even went to a yoga class (not even prenatal!)! I’m hoping to get back into a normal routine soon.

Miraculously, despite my eating and lack of movement, I have put on very little weight so far, about 3ish lbs (they recommend 0-5 lbs in the first trimester and a lb a week after). I also had been Shedding when I got pregnant, so I was on the lighter side for my normal to begin with (highly recommend this btw!).

Also, now I have acne. On my face and on my chest (y tho?!). They say that’s a sign that it’s going to be a girl- so we shall see!

It supposedly get’s better in the second trimester, and I’m already feeling a difference–let me tell you, I am ready for it!


Emotionally this has been the most extreme. I’ve felt very isolated (working from home is tough), and oddly depressed. Besides random bouts of crying, life has felt exceedingly hard. It’s like this experience has shook who I am down to my core. I guess it is probably a side effect of my self constructed identity changing into something new. Usually, I bring my own magic to day to day life, and I just couldn’t bring it. Besides that, I had a perpetual feeling of nervousness that something would go wrong in the pregnancy. AND all the while, I’ve also felt overwhelmed with excitement and joy for what’s to come. So to sum it up–it’s been a really weird time.

The good news is that the morning I woke up on my 12th week of pregnancy, I felt like myself again! I felt motivated, inspired, and excited for the future. I still have huge swings in emotion sometimes, but overall, I really I think I have my magic back. 😉✨

Now that we are “out,” I will share more with you guys about the experience. I am going to keep posting my healthy eats with #shedapproved versions- because let’s be real, eating for 2 and shedding for the wedding are two very different experiences. I will try not to overwhelm you with too much pregnancy content- but I want to know, what are you curious to learn more about? Let me know here or on any of my social channels. Yay! Thanks for coming along for the ride. -AHS